Nebraska Revised Statute 86-328

Chapter 86


Annual public hearing; notice; fund level; Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act; applicability.

(1) Annually the commission shall hold a public hearing to determine the level of the fund necessary to carry out the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act. The commission shall publish notice of the hearing in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the state at least once each week for two consecutive weeks before the hearing. After the hearing, the commission shall determine the amount of the fund for the following year, including a reasonable reserve. In the initial year of the fund's operation, the commission shall determine the amount of the fund to be equivalent to the amount which, in the commission's judgment, after careful analysis, is necessary to keep approximately ninety-six percent of Nebraska households subscribed to local telecommunications service.

(2) In an emergency as determined by the commission, the commission may adjust the level of the fund, but only after a public hearing for such purpose.

(3) For purposes of service by a prepaid wireless telecommunications service provider, universal service fund contribution and surcharge obligations shall be governed by the Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act, except that a prepaid wireless telecommunications service provider shall continue to be subject to the audit requirements in subdivision (2)(d) of section 86-324.


Cross References

  • Annual report to Legislature, see section 86-163.
  • Prepaid Wireless Surcharge Act, see section 86-901.