Nebraska Revised Statute 86-326

Chapter 86


Fund; administrator; duties; telecommunications companies; obligations.

The fund may be administered by a neutral third-party administrator. The commission shall oversee the preparation and selection process of the administrator through a request for proposal process established by the commission. If a third-party administrator is selected, the administrator shall serve at the will of the commission. The administrator shall: Gather the necessary data to estimate fund obligations; notify telecommunications companies of their obligations to the fund; collect and distribute money from the fund in accordance with the Nebraska Telecommunications Universal Service Fund Act and the rules and regulations established by the commission; and notify the commission of any violations of the act and rules and regulations by telecommunications companies with respect to the fund. The commission shall audit the administrator to ensure the duties are being performed in accordance with the act and its rules and regulations. Any telecommunications company not meeting its obligation to the fund shall not be eligible to receive payments from the fund, shall be subject to administrative penalties to be determined by the commission, and shall be subject to the revocation of any certificate or permit issued pursuant to section 86-128 or any predecessor statute.