Nebraska Revised Statute 86-228

Chapter 86


Prize promotions; information required.

In the case of prize promotions, it is unlawful for a seller to fail to provide the following information:

(1) The odds of winning or receiving the prize and, if the odds are not calculable in advance, the factors used in calculating the odds;

(2) That no purchase and no payment is necessary to win;

(3) All material costs or conditions to receive or redeem a prize that is the subject of the prize promotion;

(4) The no-purchase or no-payment method of participating in the prize promotion, with either instructions on how to participate or an address or local or toll-free telephone number to which customers may write or call for information on how to participate;

(5) The true name and address of the solicitor, sponsor, or seller offering a prize when the consumer is told he or she has won or will receive a prize; and

(6) The verifiable retail value of each prize the consumer is told he or she has won or will receive.