Nebraska Revised Statute 86-225

Chapter 86


Consumer rights.

(1) In addition to any other right to revoke an offer:

(a) The consumer obligated for any part of the purchase price may cancel the telephone sale until midnight of the fifth business day after the day on which the consumer has received written notice from the seller notifying the consumer of his or her right to cancel the telephone sale. Written notice shall include all of the information included in subdivision (2) of section 86-224 and the procedures by which a consumer may obtain a refund; and

(b) The seller shall disclose the refund policy to the consumer orally by telephone, in writing with advertising or promotional material, or with delivery of the products or services, and shall issue a refund within thirty days after the date on which the seller receives returned merchandise or notice of cancellation. A seller who discloses in writing that a sale is made or provided "satisfaction guaranteed", "with free inspection", "no-risk guarantee", or similar words or phrases shall be deemed to meet the requirements of the review and return for refund policy.

(2) Subdivision (1)(a) of this section does not apply to a sale in which the seller at a minimum has a policy of giving the consumer the right to review goods or services for a period of at least seven days after the date of delivery, accepting returns or canceling services, and providing a refund for the return of its unused and undamaged merchandise or canceled services.