Nebraska Revised Statute 86-219

Chapter 86


Seller, defined.

Seller means any person or organization who individually or through salespersons initiates unsolicited consumer telephone calls in order to (1) sell, lease, or rent consumer goods or services, (2) offer gifts or prizes with the intent to sell, lease, or rent consumer goods or services, or (3) represent to a consumer that the consumer has won or will receive a prize by telephonic means or by written notice sent through the mail in which the goods and services and all the material terms of the transaction are not fully described and which require that the consumer contact the seller by telephone to learn about or initiate the transaction. Seller does not include a telecommunications company as defined in section 86-119 when the telecommunications company is offering telecommunications service of any kind which are subject to the verification provisions of (i) the Telephone Consumer Slamming Prevention Act or (ii) the federal regulations for changing long distance service under subpart K of 47 C.F.R. part 64, as such regulations existed on January 1, 2002.

Cross References

  • Telephone Consumer Slamming Prevention Act, see section 86-201.