Nebraska Revised Statute 86-134

Chapter 86


Discontinuation of service.

No telecommunications company which provides intrastate interexchange service or basic local exchange service may abandon or otherwise discontinue such service in or to a local exchange area which it serves unless:

(1) The commission finds upon application and hearing that one or more other telecommunications companies are furnishing comparable telecommunications service to the subscribers in such local exchange area at the time of abandonment; and

(2) The telecommunications company discontinuing telecommunications service to such local exchange area:

(a) Notifies its subscribers in the local exchange area in writing of the abandonment, which notice shall be sent at least thirty days prior to the effective date of such abandonment;

(b) Refunds any unused prepaid subscription charges or other unused prepaid charges to each customer in the local exchange area prior to the effective date of the abandonment; and

(c) Prior to the effective date of the abandonment, reimburses its customers in the local exchange area for service charges which its customers incur in obtaining substitute service from another telecommunications company or, in lieu thereof, pays other telecommunications companies directly for such service charges on behalf of its customers making changes in their telecommunications service as a result of the abandonment.