Nebraska Revised Statute 86-132

Chapter 86


Trunk and toll lines; consolidation requirements.

Whenever any competing telephone plant or exchange has been consolidated with or absorbed by another so that the remaining plant or exchange has a monopoly of or exclusive telephone business of any city or village, the telecommunications company operating the exclusive exchange or plant shall cause all toll or trunk lines formerly terminating in the eliminated exchange to be placed on or connected to its exclusive exchange, shall make and keep such connection in a good and efficient manner, and shall maintain an interchange of business with such trunk or toll lines the same as its own, in a fair and impartial manner, upon the terms set forth in this section and sections 86-131, 86-140, and 86-153. During the period intervening between the time when the first subscribers are taken from the eliminated exchange until the time all have been removed, if such period is more than thirty days, a temporary trunk line shall be established between the two exchanges so that calls may come into both exchanges from the trunk or toll lines of the exchange so absorbed or eliminated and that calls from both exchanges may go out over the lines.