Nebraska Revised Statute 86-130

Chapter 86


Territorial maps.

(1) Every telecommunications company in Nebraska shall file with the commission (a) maps of the territory in Nebraska in which the telecommunications company offers local exchange telephone service and (b) amended maps to continuously keep current the information shown on such maps.

(2) Rules and regulations of the commission shall include: The style, size, and kind of maps; the information to be shown on such maps; the time and place for filing the maps; and a requirement that the maps be kept current.

(3) The commission may revoke or suspend the certificate of convenience and necessity as a telecommunications common carrier or the permit as a telecommunications contract carrier of any telecommunications company who violates this section.


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  • Anyone operating an exchange offering telephone service is required to file a map of the territory in which service is offered. Chambers Rural Tel. Co., Inc. v. K. & M. Tel. Co., Inc., 179 Neb. 735, 140 N.W.2d 400 (1966).

  • Filing of territorial maps under this section (formerly section 75-605) was made. Sherdon v. American Communication Co., 178 Neb. 454, 134 N.W.2d 42 (1965).