Nebraska Revised Statute 86-1241

Chapter 86


Authority; powers and duties; limitations.

(1) Except as provided by the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act or applicable federal law, an authority shall continue to exercise zoning, land-use, planning, and permit-granting authority within its territorial boundaries, including with respect to wireless support structures and utility poles, except that no authority shall have or exercise any jurisdiction or authority over the design, engineering, construction, installation, or operation of any small wireless facility located in an interior structure or upon the site of any college or university campus, stadium, or athletic facility not owned or controlled by the authority, other than to comply with applicable codes. An authority shall evaluate the structure classification for wireless support structures under the standard of the American National Standards Institute found in ANSI/TIA-222, as such standard existed on January 1, 2019. Nothing in the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act shall authorize the State of Nebraska or any agency or political subdivision thereof, including an authority, to require wireless facility deployment or to regulate wireless services.

(2) Except as provided in the Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act or as otherwise specifically authorized by state or federal law, an authority may not impose or collect a tax, fee, or rate on a communications service provider authorized to operate in a right-of-way by federal, state, or local law for the provision of communications service over the communications service provider's communications facilities in the right-of-way, adopt or enforce any regulations or requirements on the placement or operation of communications facilities in the right-of-way by the communications service provider, or regulate any communications services.