Nebraska Revised Statute 85-2405

Chapter 85


Commission; powers and duties.

The commission has the following powers and duties:

(1) To establish levels for recurrent authorizations to operate based on institutional offerings;

(2) To receive, investigate as it may deem necessary, and act upon applications for a recurrent authorization to operate and applications to renew a recurrent authorization to operate;

(3) To establish reporting requirements by campus location either through the federal Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, 20 U.S.C. 1094(a)(17), as such section existed on January 1, 2011, and 34 C.F.R. 668.14(b)(19), as such regulation existed on January 1, 2011, or directly to the commission for any postsecondary institution which has an authorization to operate;

(4) To maintain a list of postsecondary institutions which have authorization to operate, which list shall be made available to the public;

(5) After consultation with the State Department of Education regarding the potential impact of such agreement and any modifications thereto on Nebraska students who may participate in distance education offered by out-of-state private postsecondary career schools, to enter into interstate reciprocity agreements for the provision of postsecondary distance education across state boundaries;

(6) To administer interstate reciprocity agreements entered into pursuant to subdivision (5) of this section and to approve or disapprove, consistent with such agreements, participation in such agreements by postsecondary institutions that have their principal place of business in Nebraska and that choose to participate in such agreements;

(7) To establish a notification process when a postsecondary institution which has an authorization to operate changes its address or adds instructional sites within this state;

(8) To conduct site visits of postsecondary institutions to carry out the Postsecondary Institution Act;

(9) To establish fees for applications for a recurrent authorization to operate, applications to renew or modify a recurrent authorization to operate, and applications to participate or continue participation in an interstate postsecondary distance education reciprocity agreement, which fees shall be not more than the cost of reviewing and evaluating the applications;

(10) To receive, evaluate, approve, and pay claims pursuant to section 85-2426, assess for-profit postsecondary institutions pursuant to section 85-2423, and administer the Guaranty Recovery Cash Fund;

(11) To investigate any violations of the act by a postsecondary institution; and

(12) To adopt and promulgate rules, regulations, and procedures to administer the act and the Guaranty Recovery Cash Fund.