Nebraska Revised Statute 85-179.01

Chapter 85


College of Medicine; physicians' assistants and associates; program for education and training; establish.

Subject to statutory authorization and approval by the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education pursuant to sections 85-1413 and 85-1414, the University of Nebraska through its College of Medicine may establish, develop, implement, and from time to time amend, change, and modify a general plan or program for the education and training of physicians' assistants and physicians' associates and to accomplish such purpose may:

(1) Establish a separate curriculum to be supervised and carried out by the faculty of the College of Medicine;

(2) Employ such additional faculty members and otherwise procure and contract for such professional and technical assistance as may be necessary or advisable;

(3) Acquire by purchase, lease, or gift such personal property as may be required or useful in connection with such program and the implementation thereof; and

(4) Cooperate and contract with other governmental agencies and subdivisions of government, both state and federal, and funding organizations.


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