Nebraska Revised Statute 85-163

Chapter 85


Conservation and Survey Division; creation; duties.

There is hereby created the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska, which shall include the following state surveys: Soil, geological, water and water power, forest, road materials, and industrial. The Conservation and Survey Division shall perform the duties hereinafter defined:

(1) Survey and describe the natural resources of the state, including soil, water, water power, potash, forests, road materials, and cement;

(2) Study the climate, physical features, geology, and mineral resources of the state;

(3) Study and describe the operations, production, and importance of the leading industries of the state;

(4) Investigate and report upon conservation problems of the state;

(5) Study the water-bearing formations of the state, and assist the citizens in locating water supplies;

(6) Secure and preserve the logs of wells drilled in the state, and preserve specimens from each stratum, member, or formation penetrated in said drillings, and inspect such drillings at any time during their progress, and require the person or persons in charge of drilling or prospecting to submit full data in regard to the specimens and logs of the wells;

(7) Prepare and show lantern slides or pictures, including motion pictures, of the state's resources, industries, institutions and development, to be used for educational and industrial purposes within the state and for publicity purposes without the state, and secure and distribute other educational films and slides in Nebraska for educational purposes;

(8) Compile and record, or publish information with reference to, the state's resources, industries and development, and when called upon so to do by an interested party, investigate and report upon oil, mineral, and gas structures and properties situated outside the state and leases or interests therein or thereon being sold or offered for sale in Nebraska. In cases or propositions wherein said investigations show that mineral, oil, or gas properties are misrepresented, or that fraud is practiced in selling same, their officers or agents shall be notified by the Conservation and Survey Division, and if they continue to so operate the same in Nebraska after said notice is given, the division shall report its findings to the Attorney General for action; and

(9) Serve the citizens as an information bureau in regard to the resources, industries, and development of Nebraska.


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