Nebraska Revised Statute 85-162.03

Chapter 85


State Forester; cooperate with other agencies.

In carrying out sections 85-162.01 to 85-162.05, the State Forester shall cooperate with (1) any agency or bureau of the United States, including, but not limited to, the Forest Service, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency, the Bureau of Reclamation, the Corps of Engineers, and the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, (2) any agency or bureau of the State of Nebraska or its political subdivisions, including, but not limited to, the Game and Parks Commission, the Department of Natural Resources, the State Fire Marshal, the Department of Agriculture, the Adjutant General, the Department of Economic Development, and the Conservation and Survey Division of the University of Nebraska, and (3) any incorporated municipality of the state or any political subdivision of the state, including, but not limited to, rural fire districts, natural resources districts, and weed control districts.