Nebraska Revised Statute 85-149

Chapter 85


Agriculture and mechanic arts; Board of Regents; powers and duties.

For all intents and purposes of sections 85-145, 85-147 and 85-148, and of the said Act of Congress, and to carry the latter into full effect in this state, the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska shall be the trustees of the college described in said Act of Congress, approved August 30, 1890, and referred to in sections 85-147 and 85-148. Such fiscal officer as the board may name and designate and appoint to receive and disburse the money under its orders, shall, for all intents and purposes of said section, and of the Act of Congress last mentioned, be the treasurer of the college, and to this officer the State Treasurer shall immediately pay over, upon the order of the board, all money which is now in his hands or which may be hereafter received by virtue of the said Act of Congress for the use and benefit of said college. The board is hereby authorized and empowered to make such orders and regulations for the security, control, management and disbursement of the money as to it shall seem wise and proper and for the best interests of the college.


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