Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1423

Chapter 85


Commission; postsecondary education information system; duties.

The commission shall maintain a comprehensive state-level public postsecondary education information system. After consulting with the governing boards or their designated representatives, the commission shall:

(1) Identify the state-level information to be reported on an annual or periodic basis regarding each postsecondary system's and institution's programs, personnel, finances, students, and facilities utilization and inventory;

(2) Identify the data elements for which information will be collected and reported to the state;

(3) Identify the information classification formats to be used by the postsecondary systems and institutions in presenting program, financial, student, facility, personnel, and audit information;

(4) Identify the data-collection, reporting, and auditing procedures for the information system; and

(5) Identify a procedure for updating the information system to meet changing conditions.