Nebraska Revised Statute 85-1404

Chapter 85


Commission; purposes; powers and duties.

The purposes of the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education established by Article VII, section 14, of the Constitution of Nebraska and section 85-1403 shall be to (1) develop an ongoing comprehensive statewide plan for the operation of an educationally and economically sound, vigorous, progressive, and coordinated system of postsecondary education, (2) identify and enact policies to meet the educational, research, and public service needs of the state, and (3) effect the best use of available resources through the elimination of unnecessary duplication of programs and facilities among Nebraska's public institutions.

In carrying out its powers and duties, the commission shall consider the need for diversity of public institutions and the need for addressing regional needs but shall above all reflect a commitment to a perspective in decisionmaking and planning for postsecondary education which will best serve the state as a whole consistent with the role and mission assignment of each public institution.

The commission shall work with the public institutions to encourage and sustain their aspirations consistent with the comprehensive statewide plan and in a manner designed to achieve a vision of statewide postsecondary education. The commission shall not be an advocate for any one public institution but shall strive for a balance and responsiveness among all public institutions.


  • Laws 1991, LB 663, § 7.