Nebraska Revised Statute 84-602.03

Chapter 84


Taxpayer Transparency Act; terms, defined.

For purposes of the Taxpayer Transparency Act:

(1)(a) Expenditure of state funds means all expenditures of state receipts, whether appropriated or nonappropriated, by a state entity in forms including, but not limited to:

(i) Grants;

(ii) Contracts;

(iii) Subcontracts;

(iv) State aid to political subdivisions;

(v) Tax refunds or credits that may be disclosed pursuant to the Nebraska Advantage Act, the Nebraska Advantage Microenterprise Tax Credit Act, the Nebraska Advantage Research and Development Act, the Nebraska Advantage Rural Development Act, the ImagiNE Nebraska Act, or the Urban Redevelopment Act; and

(vi) Any other disbursement of state receipts by a state entity in the performance of its functions;

(b) Expenditure of state funds includes expenditures authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State Colleges, or a public corporation pursuant to sections 85-403 to 85-411; and

(c) Expenditure of state funds does not include the transfer of funds between two state entities, payments of state, federal, or other assistance to an individual, or the expenditure of pass-through funds;

(2) Pass-through funds means any funds received by a state entity if the state entity is acting only as an intermediary or custodian with respect to such funds and is obligated to pay or otherwise return such funds to the person entitled thereto;

(3) State entity means (a) any agency, board, commission, or department of the state and (b) any other body created by state statute that includes a person appointed by the Governor, the head of any state agency or department, an employee of the State of Nebraska, or any combination of such persons and that is empowered pursuant to such statute to collect and disburse state receipts; and

(4) State receipts means revenue or other income received by a state entity from tax receipts, fees, charges, interest, or other sources which is (a) used by the state entity to pay the expenses necessary to perform the state entity's functions and (b) reported to the State Treasurer in total amounts by category of income. State receipts does not include pass-through funds.

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