Nebraska Revised Statute 84-212

Chapter 84


Attorney General; antitrust matters; powers; duties; damages; proof; distribution.

The Attorney General shall have and retain all his common-law powers with respect to dealing with antitrust matters, and all related statutes of this state shall be deemed to be supplementary to such powers. He shall have authority to bring civil actions in the name of the state against anyone found violating either state or federal antitrust laws, and may recover treble damages in such actions. Such actions may also be brought as parens patriae of the citizens of this state with respect to damages personally sustained by such citizens, and he may recover the aggregate damages sustained by the citizens of this state, without separately proving the individual claims of each such citizen. Proof of such damages may be based on statistical sampling methods, the pro rata allocation of excess profits to sales occurring within this state, or such other reasonable system of estimating aggregate damages as the court in its discretion may permit. He shall distribute, allocate, or otherwise pay out of the funds so recovered to each citizen of the state a pro rata portion of the fund attributable to his respective claim for damages, less litigation and administrative costs, and any balance remaining after the payment of such individual claims and the costs of litigation and other administrative costs shall be placed in a fund to be distributed to the common schools of this state.


  • Laws 1974, LB 1028, § 5.