Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1603

Chapter 84


Selection of insurance carrier; powers and duties.

The personnel division of the Department of Administrative Services shall select, with the assistance of the Risk Manager and the Chief Negotiator, one or more carriers or combinations of carriers licensed to do insurance business in Nebraska to serve as administrator of the insurance contract or contracts. Such selection shall be made after open competitive bidding in which any carrier authorized to provide the type or types of insurance coverage involved shall be eligible to participate. The personnel division may develop bid specifications which provide for various forms of plan design and funding methods, including plans of self-insurance or any combination of such methods. The personnel division may utilize such expert technical assistance provided by the Risk Manager, the Chief Negotiator, and other state agencies or outside consultants as may be required to establish and evaluate criteria for selection of carriers. The insurance contract or contracts may be subject to rebidding at any time after the inception of this program at the discretion of the personnel division.


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