Nebraska Revised Statute 84-136

Chapter 84 Section 136


Governor's Policy Research Office; state development policy alternatives; powers.

(1) At the direction of the Governor, the Governor's Policy Research Office may prepare and issue long-range state development policy alternatives based on studies, plans, requirements, and operations of departments, agencies, and institutions of state, local, and regional units of government and the federal government. Such policies shall be based upon the existing and prospective resources and needs of the people of Nebraska and shall identify and stress alternative statewide goals, objectives, and opportunities.

(2) State development policy alternatives shall take into consideration the physical, economic, and social development of the state and may include, but not be limited to, the following:

(a) Population and economic analysis with projections for each region and subregion of the state;

(b) General land-use policy alternatives for urban development, agriculture, mineral extraction, forests, open space, and other purposes;

(c) Policy alternatives for housing and the development and redevelopment of urban areas and other places of settlement;

(d) Policy alternatives for the balanced development of airport, highway, and other transportation facilities, including rail, ship, and pipelines;

(e) Policy alternatives for health services and facilities, manpower development, employment opportunity, education, elimination of poverty, law enforcement, and other programs;

(f) Projection of needs for public facilities, including but not limited to headquarters and district state office buildings, state colleges and universities, and state health, welfare, and correctional institutions;

(g) Policy alternatives for the prudent exploitation, conservation, and replenishment of the state's natural resources; and

(h) Policy alternatives for intergovernmental relations and governmental structure.


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