Nebraska Revised Statute 84-1214.01

Chapter 84


State Archives; authority; duties.

The State Archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society has the authority to acquire, in total or in part, any document, record, or material which has been submitted to the board for disposition or transfer when such material is determined to be of archival or historical significance by the State Archivist or the board. The head of any state or local agency shall certify in writing to the society the transfer of the custody of such material to the State Archives. No state or local agency shall dispose of, in any other manner except by transfer to the State Archives, that material which has been appraised as archival or historical without the written consent of the State Archivist and the administrator. If such material is determined to be in jeopardy of destruction or deterioration and such material is not necessary to the conduct of daily business in the state or local agency of origin, it shall be the prerogative of the State Archivist to petition the administrator and the state or local agency of origin for the right to transfer such material into the safekeeping of the State Archives. It shall be the responsibility of the administrator to hear arguments for or against such petition and to determine the results of such petition. The State Archivist shall prepare invoices and receipts in triplicate for materials acquired under this section, shall retain one copy, and shall deliver one copy to the administrator and one copy to the state or local agency head from whom the records are obtained.