Nebraska Revised Statute 84-104.04

Chapter 84 Section 104.04


George W. Norris Day; manner of observance.

January 5 of each year shall be designated as George W. Norris Day, and shall be set apart for holding suitable exercises in the schools of the state in recognition of the many great benefits bestowed upon the people of the State of Nebraska and the United States as a whole, due in large part to the influence of George W. Norris. Such benefits include: (1) Establishment of a nonpartisan unicameral legislative body for the State of Nebraska; (2) establishment of the Tennessee Valley Authority; (3) the development of electricity in the rural areas of the nation; (4) passage of the twentieth amendment to the United States Constitution, commonly known as the lame duck amendment; and (5) the Norris-La Guardia Act which outlawed yellow-dog contracts and was a great boon to working men and women across the nation.


  • Laws 1981, LB 18, § 1.