Nebraska Revised Statute 83-903

Chapter 83


Reentry program; development; reentry program administrator; purpose of program; department; duties.

The Department of Correctional Services, in consultation with the Board of Parole, shall develop a reentry program for individuals incarcerated in a department correctional facility, individuals who have been discharged from a department correctional facility within the prior eighteen months, and parolees. The department shall hire a reentry program administrator to develop and oversee the reentry program and additional staff as needed to implement the reentry program. The purpose of the reentry program is to facilitate a standard systemwide program of reentry for individuals leaving correctional facilities or transitioning off community supervision. The primary objectives of the reentry program are to reduce recidivism, to identify, assess, and provide treatment options for individuals with mental illness, to increase public safety, and to improve the overall transition of the individual from the criminal justice system into the community. Prior to the discharge of an individual from a department correctional facility, the department shall provide such individual with an opportunity to obtain a state identification card or renew a motor vehicle operator's license.