Nebraska Revised Statute 83-349

Chapter 83


State hospitals for the mentally ill; adjustment of expense between counties; notice; inquiry; effect of delay.

If the mental health board finds that a person committed to a state hospital for the mentally ill by the board has, or probably has, a legal settlement in some other county in the state, the board shall immediately notify the mental health board of that county of its finding and commitment. The board members so notified shall thereupon inquire and ascertain, if possible, whether the patient has a legal settlement in their county and shall immediately notify the chief executive officer of the hospital and the board members of the county from which the patient was committed of the result of their inquiry. If the legal settlement of a patient cannot for a time be ascertained and is afterwards found, the notices provided for in this section shall then be given.


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  • Notice is required to be given after commitment and not before. County of Kearney v. County of Buffalo, 167 Neb. 117, 91 N.W.2d 304 (1958).

  • Legal settlement of an insane person is the political subdivision primarily liable for his support. Clay County v. Adams County, 69 Neb. 106, 95 N.W. 58 (1903).