Nebraska Revised Statute 83-218

Chapter 83


Beatrice State Developmental Center; purpose.

The Beatrice State Developmental Center shall provide residential care and humane treatment for those persons with intellectual disabilities who require residential care, shall study to improve their condition, shall classify them, and shall furnish such training in industrial, mechanical, agricultural, and academic subjects as they may be capable of learning. Whenever the Department of Health and Human Services determines that continued residence in the Beatrice State Developmental Center is no longer necessary for the welfare, care, treatment, or training of such person, it shall have authority to discharge or transfer such person as provided in section 83-387. The Department of Health and Human Services shall discharge any person from the Beatrice State Developmental Center without requiring sterilization of such person, if the discharge satisfies the requirements of this section, notwithstanding any court order, judgment, or decree rendered prior to December 25, 1969, requiring sterilization as a condition of discharge.


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