Nebraska Revised Statute 83-187

Chapter 83


Release of person committed; procedures.

(1) When a person committed to the department is released from a facility on parole, on post-release supervision, or upon final discharge, the person shall be returned any personal possessions taken upon confinement, and the chief executive officer of the facility shall furnish the person with a written notice as required in section 83-1,118, clothing appropriate for the season of the year, a transportation ticket to the place where he or she will reside, if within the continental limits of the United States or if not, the state may purchase transportation to the nearest United States border en route to such residence, and such sum of money as may be prescribed by the regulations of the department to enable the person to meet his or her immediate needs. If at the time of release the person is too ill or feeble or otherwise unable to use public means of transportation, the chief executive officer may make special arrangements for transportation to the place where the person will reside.

(2) At the time of release, the person shall also be paid his or her earnings and any accrued interest thereon set aside in the wage fund. Such earnings and interest shall be paid either in a lump sum or otherwise as determined by the chief executive officer to be in the best interest of the person. No less than one-third of such fund shall be paid upon release, and the entire fund shall be paid within six months of the person's release.

(3) The department shall send a copy of the release or discharge to the court which committed the person and also to the sheriff of the county in which the court is located and, when such county contains a city of the metropolitan class, to the police department of such city.