Nebraska Revised Statute 83-174.04

Chapter 83


Violation of condition of community supervision; actions authorized.

An individual who violates one or more of the conditions of community supervision established for him or her pursuant to section 83-174.03 shall undergo a review by the Division of Parole Supervision to evaluate the risk posed to the public by the violation in question. The division may take any of the following actions in response to a violation of conditions of community supervision:

(1) Revise or impose additional conditions of community supervision in order to minimize the risk to the public from the continued presence of the individual in the community;

(2) Forward to the Attorney General or the county attorney in the county where the individual resides a request to initiate a criminal prosecution for failure to comply with the terms of community supervision; or

(3) Forward to the county attorney or Attorney General a recommendation that civil commitment proceedings be instituted with respect to the individual.