Nebraska Revised Statute 83-139

Chapter 83


Stewards; duties; reports; shortages; default; penalty.

The steward of each institution shall have charge of all supplies for that institution, and shall be charged therewith at their invoice value. Supplies shall be issued only on requisition by the chief executive officer, and on printed blanks which shall serve as the steward's vouchers. The steward shall report monthly to the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Correctional Services, whichever has jurisdiction, the amounts of supplies received, used, and on hand. At the close of the biennial period the steward shall make a comprehensive report to the department showing all the transactions of his or her department. Any shortage, not allowed by the department for unavoidable causes, shall be paid for by the steward within ten days after the amount due is officially determined, and in default of payment the steward shall forfeit his or her office and suit to recover the amount shall be instituted upon his or her official bond or equivalent commercial insurance policy.


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