Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1228

Chapter 83


Developmental disabilities system; evaluation; consultant; qualifications; report.

(1) The Department of Health and Human Services shall engage a nationally recognized consultant to provide an evaluation of the state's developmental disabilities system in order to examine how the State of Nebraska can better serve all Nebraskans with a variety of developmental disabilities.

(2) The consultant shall be independent of the Department of Health and Human Services and be a national entity that can demonstrate:

(a) Direct involvement with public and tribal developmental disabilities agencies;

(b) Partnerships with national advocacy organizations, think tanks, or technical assistance providers for persons with developmental disabilities;

(c) Collaboration with community agencies for persons with developmental disabilities; and

(d) Independent research regarding developmental disabilities.

(3) The evaluation shall analyze the array of services and programs existing in Nebraska for persons with developmental disabilities and address potential areas for improvement with an emphasis on maximizing impact, effectiveness, and cost-efficiencies. The evaluation shall consider: (a) Services offered and provided by the state through the medicaid state plan or by current medicaid waivers; (b) services offered by other states through medicaid state plans, medicaid waivers, or other mechanisms; and (c) any other areas which may be beneficial to the state in the assessment of its developmental disabilities services.

(4) The consultant shall electronically deliver a report detailing the findings and recommendations of the consultant to the Governor, the Department of Health and Human Services, the chairperson of the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature, and the Clerk of the Legislature on or before December 31, 2023.