Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1216.02

Chapter 83


Insufficient funds to provide services; department; duties.

(1) If the department determines that there are not enough funds available to provide services to all eligible individuals under subdivision (4)(d) of section 83-1216, the department shall provide day services to individuals who:

(a) Are transitioning from the education system upon attaining twenty-one years of age on or after July 1, 2019; and

(b) Are determined by the department to be otherwise eligible for the day services in accordance with the Developmental Disabilities Services Act.

(2) The department shall provide services comparable to the day services the individual would have received pursuant to subdivision (4)(d) of section 83-1216 if funds were available.

(3) No later than September 15 of each year, the director shall provide electronic notification to the Health and Human Services Committee of the Legislature and the Appropriations Committee of the Legislature of the estimated number of individuals needing services under subsection (4) of section 83-1216 and the net additional resources necessary to provide services to all eligible individuals under subsection (4) of section 83-1216 other than subdivision (f) of such subsection.

(4) This section terminates June 30, 2021.