Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1209

Chapter 83


Director; duties.

To carry out the policies and purposes of the Developmental Disabilities Services Act, the director shall:

(1) Ensure effective management by (a) determining whether applicants are eligible for specialized services, (b) authorizing service delivery for eligible persons, (c) ensuring that services are available, accessible, and coordinated, (d) ensuring that eligible persons have their needs assessed by a team process, have individual program plans developed by a team process to address assessed needs, which plans incorporate the input of the individual and the family, and have services delivered in accordance with the program plan, (e) having the amount of funding for specialized services determined by an objective assessment process, (f) providing information and referral services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families, (g) promoting the development of pilot projects of high quality, cost-efficient services provided by specialized programs, and (h) administering the Beatrice State Developmental Center;

(2) Ensure a coordinated statewide response by (a) developing a comprehensive and integrated statewide plan for specialized services to persons with developmental disabilities in conjunction with state and local officials, designated advocates for such persons, service providers, and the general public, (b) reporting biennially to the Legislature, the Governor, service providers, and the public on persons served and progress made toward meeting requirements of the plan, and (c) creating a statewide registry of persons eligible for specialized services. The report submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically;

(3) Ensure specialized services which are efficient and individualized by (a) developing a written policy which ensures the adequate and equitable distribution of fiscal resources based upon a consistent rationale for reimbursement that allows funding to follow service recipients as their service needs change and which also includes a plan for funding shortfalls and (b) administering all state and federal funds as may be allowed by law;

(4) Ensure maximum quality of services by (a) developing a due process mechanism for resolution of disputes, (b) coordinating the development and implementation of a quality management and improvement plan as described in section 83-1216.01, (c) developing certification and accreditation requirements for service providers, (d) providing technical assistance to local service providers, and (e) providing eligible persons, their families, and the designated protection and advocacy system authorized pursuant to the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, 42 U.S.C. 15001 et seq., with copies of all reports resulting from surveys of providers of specialized services conducted as part of the certification and accreditation process; and

(5) Establish and staff a developmental disabilities division which shall assist in carrying out the policies and purposes of the Developmental Disabilities Services Act.