Nebraska Revised Statute 83-108.04

Chapter 83


Department of Health and Human Services; additional facilities for care of children.

(1) In addition to the institutions established by law, the Department of Health and Human Services may maintain or use the following facilities for the care of children in its legal custody who have been adjudged to be as described in subdivision (1), (2), (3)(b), or (4) of section 43-247: (a) Receiving homes to be used for the temporary care of children; (b) foster homes; (c) residential child-caring agencies as defined in section 71-1926; and (d) other facilities and services, including forestry or conservation camps for the training and treatment of children.

(2) The Department of Health and Human Services also may use other public facilities or contract for the use of private facilities for the care and treatment of children in its legal custody. Placement of children in private or public facilities not under its jurisdiction shall not terminate the legal custody of the department. No state funds may be paid for care of a child in the home of a parent.


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