Nebraska Revised Statute 83-1,116

Chapter 83


Committed offender; release on parole; conditions of parole.

(1) When a committed offender is released on parole, the board shall require as a condition of parole that the offender refrain from engaging in criminal conduct and may require the offender to submit to periodic testing for drug and alcohol use. The board may also require, either at the time of the offender's release on parole or at any time while the offender remains on parole, that the offender conform to any of the following conditions of parole:

(a) Meet specified family responsibilities;

(b) Devote himself or herself to an approved employment;

(c) Remain in the geographic limits fixed in the certificate of parole unless granted written permission to leave such limits;

(d) Report, as directed, to his or her district parole officer;

(e) Reside at the place fixed in the certificate of parole and notify his or her district parole officer of any change in address or employment;

(f) Submit himself or herself to available medical, psychological, psychiatric, or other treatment;

(g) Refrain from associating with persons known to him or her to be engaged in criminal activities or, without permission of his or her district parole officer, with persons known to him or her to have been convicted of a crime; and

(h) Satisfy any other conditions specially related to the cause of his or her offense and not unduly restrictive of his or her liberty or conscience.

(2) Before release on parole, a parolee shall be provided with a certificate of parole setting forth the conditions of the parole.


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