Nebraska Revised Statute 82-705

Chapter 82


Replacement of William Jennings Bryan statue; Secretary of State; duties.

The Secretary of State shall submit to the United States Architect of the Capitol for his or her review for completeness a written request to approve the replacement of the statue of William Jennings Bryan currently on display in the National Statuary Hall Collection in the United States Capitol with a statue of Ponca Chief Standing Bear. The written request shall request authorization to provide a new statue, a description of the location in Nebraska where the replaced statue will be displayed after it is transferred, and a copy of the Nebraska statute authorizing such replacement. After such review, it is the intent of the Legislature that the architect forward the request to the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress for its approval or denial. If the request is approved by the committee, the architect and the Chief Standing Bear National Statuary Hall Selection Committee created pursuant to section 82-706, acting on behalf of the State of Nebraska, shall enter into an agreement as provided in 2 U.S.C. 2132(b).