Nebraska Revised Statute 82-703

Chapter 82


Willa Cather National Statuary Hall Selection Committee; created; members; duties; powers.

(1) The Willa Cather National Statuary Hall Selection Committee is created. The committee shall consist of members of the Nebraska Hall of Fame Commission created pursuant to section 72-724.

(2) Upon approval by the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress and pursuant to the agreement described in section 82-702, the Willa Cather National Statuary Hall Selection Committee shall:

(a) Select a sculptor to create a statue of Willa Cather to be placed in the National Statuary Hall and review and approve the plans for the statue; and

(b) Identify a method to obtain necessary funding to pay for all of the following. All funds shall be privately donated and separately managed. No state funds shall be expended for such purposes:

(i) The sculptor for designing and carving or casting the statue;

(ii) The design and fabrication of the pedestal;

(iii) The transportation of the statue and pedestal to the United States Capitol;

(iv) The removal and transportation of the replaced statue;

(v) The temporary placement of the new statue in the Rotunda of the United States Capitol for the unveiling ceremony;

(vi) The unveiling ceremony; and

(vii) Any other expenses that the committee determines are necessary to incur.

(3) The committee has the authority to receive and disburse gifts.

(4) The committee shall execute the requirements of this section no later than June 30, 2023.