Nebraska Revised Statute 82-318

Chapter 82


Public buildings; artwork; terms, defined.

As used in sections 82-317 to 82-329, 85-106 to 85-106.03, and 85-304 to 85-304.03, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Appropriation shall mean the amount of money set by the Legislature in excess of five hundred thousand dollars for new construction or in excess of two hundred fifty thousand dollars for remodeling for the particular project which is not limited by law, rule, or regulation less the amount of money spent for planning, land acquisition, and site work;

(2) Art shall mean the conscious use of skill, taste, and creative imagination in the production of aesthetic objects;

(3) Original construction shall mean the erection of a new building or facility and does not include remodeling if the cost is two hundred fifty thousand dollars or less or expansion of existing structures; and

(4) Public building shall mean buildings and facilities used by or open to the public as guests or business invitees and shall exclude repair shops, garages, warehouses, and buildings of a similar nature.


  • Laws 1978, LB 664, § 2.