Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.36

Chapter 81


Subdivision real estate; application for certificate; approval; fee; renewal.

If the application is approved, the commission shall issue a certificate of registration to the applicant. After issuance of a certificate, an annual fee of fifty dollars plus ten dollars for each one hundred lots or fraction thereof computed on the number of lots in the original application shall be due and payable on or before January 1 of each year. Failure to remit annual fees when due shall automatically cancel such certificate, but otherwise such certificate shall remain in full force and effect if the commission determines from satisfactory investigation that such certificate should be renewed. Before issuing the renewal certificate each year, the certificate holder shall furnish to the commission such information as may be requested by the commission. If an investigation is required, the cost of making the investigation shall be paid by the certificate holder.


  • Laws 1973, LB 68, § 36.