Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.10

Chapter 81


Commission; powers; licensing; sanctions; consent decrees; civil fine.

The commission shall have the full power to regulate the issuance of licenses and the activities of licensees and may impose sanctions pursuant to this section for the protection of the public health, safety, or welfare. The commission may revoke or suspend licenses issued under the Nebraska Real Estate License Act, censure licensees, enter into consent decrees, and issue cease and desist orders to violators of section 81-885.03. The commission may, alone or in combination with such disciplinary actions, impose a civil fine on a licensee for each violation alleged in a complaint for which the commission has made a finding of guilt, except that the total fine for such violations shall not exceed two thousand five hundred dollars per complaint. The commission may also impose a civil fine on violators of section 81-885.03 subject to the limits in such section.

The commission shall retain its powers under this section with respect to the actions of a licensee, whether or not he or she continues to be licensed under the act.