Nebraska Revised Statute 81-885.04

Chapter 81


Act; exceptions.

Except as to the requirements with respect to the subdivision of land, the Nebraska Real Estate License Act shall not apply to:

(1) Any person, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation who as owner or lessor shall perform any of the acts described in subdivision (2) of section 81-885.01 with reference to property owned or leased by him, her, or it or to the regular employees thereof, with respect to the property so owned or leased, when such acts are performed in the regular course of or as an incident to the management, sale, or other disposition of such property and the investment therein, except that such regular employees shall not perform any of the acts described in such subdivision in connection with a vocation of selling or leasing any real estate or the improvements thereon;

(2) An attorney in fact under a duly executed power of attorney to convey real estate from the owner or lessor or the services rendered by any attorney at law in the performance of his or her duty as such attorney at law;

(3) Any person acting as receiver, trustee in bankruptcy, personal representative, conservator, or guardian or while acting under a court order or under the authority of a will or of a trust instrument or as a witness in any judicial proceeding or other proceeding conducted by the state or any governmental subdivision or agency;

(4) Any person acting as the resident manager of an apartment building, duplex, apartment complex, or court, when such resident manager resides on the premises and is engaged in the leasing of property in connection with his or her employment, or any employee, parent, child, brother, or sister of the owner or any employee of a licensed broker who manages rental property for the owner of such property;

(5) Any officer or employee of a federal agency in the conduct of his or her official duties;

(6) Any officer or employee of the state government or any political subdivision thereof performing his or her official duties for real estate tax purposes or performing his or her official duties related to the acquisition of any interest in real property when the interest is being acquired for a public purpose;

(7) Any person or any employee thereof who renders an estimate or opinion of value of real estate or any interest therein when such estimate or opinion of value is for the purpose of real estate taxation; or

(8) Any person who, for himself or herself or for others, purchases or sells oil, gas, or mineral leases or performs any activities related to the purchase or sale of such leases.


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  • The exception provided by subsection (2) of this section is limited to those instances where an attorney is acting within the scope of his duties as an attorney. In re Estate of Ronan, 277 Neb. 516, 763 N.W.2d 704 (2009).