Nebraska Revised Statute 81-829.69

Chapter 81


State of emergency; proclaimed by Governor; powers.

Whenever the Governor has proclaimed a state of emergency pursuant to section 81-829.40, the Governor shall be authorized:

(1) To enter into purchase, lease, or other arrangements with any agency of the United States for temporary housing units to be occupied by disaster, emergency, or civil defense emergency victims and to make such units available to any local government of the state;

(2) To assist any local government of the state which is the location of temporary housing for victims to acquire sites necessary for such temporary housing and to do all things required to prepare such sites to receive and utilize temporary housing units; and

(3) Under such regulations as he or she shall prescribe, to temporarily suspend or modify for not to exceed sixty days any public health, safety, zoning, transportation, or other requirement of law or regulation within this state when by proclamation he or she deems such suspension or modification essential to provide temporary housing for victims.


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