Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,297

Chapter 81


State Claims Board; general powers.

The State Claims Board shall have the power and authority to receive, investigate, and otherwise carry out its duties with regard to (1) all claims under the State Miscellaneous Claims Act, (2) all claims under sections 25-1802 to 25-1807, (3) all claims under the State Contract Claims Act, (4) all claims under the In the Line of Duty Compensation Act, (5) all requests on behalf of any department, board, or commission of the state for waiver or cancellation of money or charges when necessary for fiscal or accounting procedures, and (6) all claims filed under section 66-1531. All such claims or requests and supporting documents shall be filed with the Risk Manager and shall be designated by number, name of claimant as requester, and short title. Nothing in this section shall be construed to be a waiver of the sovereign immunity of the state beyond what is otherwise provided by law.

The board shall adopt and promulgate such rules and regulations as are necessary to carry out the powers granted in this section. The Attorney General shall be the legal advisor to the board for purposes of this section and may authorize the assistant attorney general in charge of the Claims Division to perform any of his or her duties under this section.


Cross References

  • In the Line of Duty Compensation Act, see section 81-8,315.
  • State Contract Claims Act, see section 81-8,302.