Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,206

Chapter 81


Persons exempt from act.

The Professional Landscape Architects Act shall not apply to:

(1) Any person who is an employee of a licensed professional landscape architect and who performs landscape architectural work under the direction and supervision of a licensed professional landscape architect, but such work does not include responsible change of design or administration of construction contracts;

(2) Any full-time employee who performs landscape architectural work for his or her employer when all such work is in connection with a facility owned or operated by the employer and when such work does not endanger the public welfare, health, and safety, and when the service is not offered to the public;

(3) Any architect or professional engineer, but such architect or engineer may not use the title landscape architect or professional landscape architect unless he or she is licensed pursuant to the act; or

(4) Any person who seeks advice or help of any other person in planning, planting, or maintaining the planting or conservation work on any property he or she owns or controls or who does such things himself or herself.