Nebraska Revised Statute 81-8,111

Chapter 81


Code of practice; contents; board; powers.

(1) The Legislature hereby finds and declares that a code of practice established by the board by which land surveyors could govern their professional conduct would be beneficial to the state and would safeguard the life, health, and property of the citizens of this state. The code of practice shall include provisions on:

(a) Professional competence;

(b) Conflict of interest;

(c) Full disclosure of financial interest;

(d) Full disclosure of matters affecting public safety, health, and welfare;

(e) Compliance with laws;

(f) Professional conduct and good character standards; and

(g) Practice of land surveying.

(2) The board may adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to establish a code of practice.

(3) The board may publish commentaries regarding the code of practice. The commentaries shall explain the meaning of interpretations given to the code by the board.