Nebraska Revised Statute 81-520.05

Chapter 81


Land-management burning; application for permit; plan; contents; fire chief; duties.

(1) A landowner, tenant, or other landowner's agent of the land where land-management burning is proposed shall file an application for a permit and a plan for conducting such burning. The plan shall include:

(a) The name of the landowner of the land on which land-management burning is to occur;

(b) The name of the person who will supervise the land-management burning if such person is different than the landowner;

(c) The land-management objective to be accomplished;

(d) A map showing the areas to be burned, including natural and manmade firebreaks;

(e) Procedures to be used to confine the fire in boundary areas without preexisting firebreaks;

(f) A list of equipment that will be on hand;

(g) The types and conditions of the vegetative matter to be burned on the land and in adjacent areas;

(h) Identification of roads and habitations that may be affected by smoke;

(i) A description of weather conditions believed to be required to safely and successfully conduct the land-management burning, including wind speed and direction, temperature, and relative humidity; and

(j) Such other information as may be prescribed by the fire chief of a local fire department.

(2) The fire chief of a local fire department shall evaluate each plan to determine its compliance with subsection (1) of this section. If a plan fails to comply with all provisions of such subsection, a permit for land-management burning shall not be issued.

(3) The fire chief of a local fire department shall issue a permit for land-management burning if (a) the plan complies with subsection (1) of this section and (b) the fire chief determines that land-management burning conducted in accordance with the plan would be conducted with due regard for the safety of people and property outside the burning areas. No permit shall be valid for more than thirty days.