Nebraska Revised Statute 81-5,195

Chapter 81


Permit; issuance; conditions; fee; waiver of inspection.

(1) The State Fire Marshal shall issue a permit to operate an amusement ride to the owner of such amusement ride upon presentation by the owner of (a) an application for a permit, (b) a certificate of inspection by a qualified inspector, (c) proof of liability insurance as required in section 81-5,196, and (d) the permit fee. Such permit shall be valid through December 31 of the year in which the inspection is performed.

(2) The State Fire Marshal may waive the requirement of subdivision (1)(b) of this section if the owner of the amusement ride gives satisfactory proof to the State Fire Marshal that such amusement ride has passed an inspection conducted or required by a federal agency, any other state, or a governmental subdivision of this or of any other state which has standards for the inspection of such an amusement ride at least as stringent as those adopted and promulgated pursuant to the Nebraska Amusement Ride Act.