Nebraska Revised Statute 81-401

Chapter 81


Department of Labor; general powers.

The Governor, through the agency of the Department of Labor created by section 81-101, shall have power:

(1) To foster, promote, and develop the welfare of wage earners;

(2) To improve working conditions;

(3) To advance opportunities for profitable employment;

(4) To collect, collate, assort, systematize, and report statistical details relating to all departments of labor, especially in its relation to commercial, industrial, social, economic, and educational conditions and to the permanent prosperity of the manufacturing and productive industries;

(5) To acquire and distribute useful information on subjects connected with labor in the most general and comprehensive sense of the word;

(6) To acquire and distribute useful information concerning the means of promoting the material, social, intellectual, and moral prosperity of laboring men and women;

(7) To acquire and distribute information as to the conditions of employment and such other facts as may be deemed of value to the industrial interests of the state;

(8) To acquire and distribute information in relation to the prevention of accidents, occupational diseases, and other related subjects;

(9) To acquire and distribute useful information regarding the role of the part-time labor force and the manner in which such labor force affects the economy and citizens of the state; and

(10) To administer and enforce all of the provisions of the Employment Security Law, the Farm Labor Contractors Act, and the Wage and Hour Act and Chapter 48, articles 2, 3, 4, and 5, and for that purpose there is imposed upon the Commissioner of Labor the duty of executing all of the provisions of such acts, law, and articles.


Cross References

  • Employment Security Law, see section 48-601.
  • Farm Labor Contractors Act, see section 48-1701.
  • Wage and Hour Act, see section 48-1209.


  • Matters of fair employment practices and civil rights are matters of statewide and not local concern. Midwest Employers Council, Inc. v. City of Omaha, 177 Neb. 877, 131 N.W.2d 609 (1964).