Nebraska Revised Statute 81-3116

Chapter 81


Responsibilities of divisions.

The responsibilities of the divisions created in section 81-3113 include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) The Division of Behavioral Health shall administer (a) the state hospitals for the mentally ill designated in section 83-305 and (b) publicly funded community-based behavioral health services;

(2) The Division of Children and Family Services shall administer (a) protection and safety programs and services, including child welfare programs and services and the Office of Juvenile Services, (b) economic and family support programs and services, and (c) service areas as may be designated by the chief executive officer or by the Director of Children and Family Services under authority of the chief executive officer, except that on and after September 1, 2012, the western, central, and northern service areas shall be aligned to be coterminous with the district court judicial districts described in section 24-301.02;

(3) The Division of Developmental Disabilities shall administer (a) the Beatrice State Developmental Center and (b) publicly funded community-based developmental disabilities services;

(4) The Division of Medicaid and Long-Term Care shall administer (a) the medical assistance program also known as medicaid, (b) aging services, and (c) other related programs and services; and

(5) The Division of Public Health shall administer (a) preventive and community health programs and services, (b) the regulation and licensure of health-related professions and occupations, and (c) the regulation and licensure of health care facilities and health care services.