Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2138

Chapter 81


Noncomplying installation; not dangerous; correction order; contents; failure to correct; effect; liability of energy supplier.

When a noncomplying installation or part thereof, whether energized or not, is not proximately dangerous to human health and property, the inspector shall issue a correction order, ordering the owner or licensee under the State Electrical Act to make the installation comply with accepted standards of construction for safety to health and property, based upon minimum standards adopted by the board pursuant to section 81-2104, noting specifically what changes are required. The order shall specify a date, not less than ten nor more than seventeen calendar days from the date of the order, when a final inspection shall be made. If at the time of the final inspection the installation has not been brought into compliance, a condemnation or disconnection order may be issued by the inspector with the approval of his or her superior. When the installation is brought into compliance to the satisfaction of the inspector, such correction order shall be immediately countermanded. Any supplier of electrical service complying with any order of an electrical inspector shall be relieved of all liability in cases of subsequent damage or loss arising from any cause, except acts of gross negligence by such supplier.


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