Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2134

Chapter 81


State inspection; procedures.

(1) As to state inspections:

(a) At or before commencement of any electrical installation which is required by law to be inspected, the person responsible for the installation shall forward a request for inspection to the board completed in the manner prescribed by the board; and

(b) On installations requiring more than six months in the process of construction and in excess of three hundred dollars total inspection fees, the persons responsible for the installation may, after a minimum filing fee of one hundred dollars, pay a prorated fee for each month and submit it with an order for payment initiated by the electrical inspector.

(2) Where wiring is to be concealed, the inspector must be notified within reasonable time to complete a rough-in inspection prior to concealment, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. If wiring is concealed before rough-in inspection without adequate notice having been given to the inspector, the person responsible for having enclosed the wiring shall be responsible for all costs resulting from uncovering and replacing the cover material.

(3) Inspections shall be made within one week of the appropriate request. When necessary, circuits may be energized by the authorized installer prior to inspection but the installation shall remain subject to condemnation and disconnection.


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