Nebraska Revised Statute 81-2113

Chapter 81


Apprentice electrician; registration; supervision; renewal; continuing education.

(1) A person may register with the board and pay a fee as provided in section 81-2118 to work as an apprentice electrician. Such registration shall entitle the registrant to act as an apprentice electrician to a Class B electrical contractor, an electrical contractor, a Class B journeyman electrician, a journeyman electrician, a residential journeyman electrician, a Class A master electrician, or a Class B master electrician as provided in subsection (2) of this section. At the time of registration renewal, an apprentice shall present documentary evidence of successful completion of the requisite hours of continuing education courses under section 81-2117.01 and pay the fee for renewal provided by section 81-2118. If an applicant for renewal fails to complete the required hours and submit the evidence to the board, the board shall assess up to a six-month increase of required experience necessary for the applicant to qualify for the examination under section 81-2115.

(2) An apprentice electrician shall do no electrical wiring except under the direct personal on-the-job supervision and control and in the immediate presence of a licensee under the State Electrical Act. Such supervision shall include both on-the-job training and related classroom training as approved by the board. The licensee may employ or supervise apprentice electricians at a ratio not to exceed three apprentice electricians to one licensee, except that such ratio and the other requirements of this section shall not be applicable to a teacher-student relationship within a classroom of a community college.

For purposes of this section, the direct personal on-the-job supervision and control and in the immediate presence of a licensee shall mean the licensee and the apprentice electrician shall be working at the same project location but shall not require that the licensee and apprentice electrician must be within sight of one another at all times.

(3) An apprentice electrician shall not install, alter, or repair electrical equipment except as provided in this section, and the licensee employing or supervising an apprentice electrician shall not authorize or permit such actions by the apprentice electrician.